Data services

Data services

Get to know us, we offer the following products:

Carrier Ethernet

Data transmission services using Ethernet technology built on MPLS backbone with copper, fiber or microwave access
up to 10 Gb/s.

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Direct Internet Access

Reliable Internet access from 1 Mb/s
to 10 Gb/s with static IP addressing, which allows among others to build secure VPN networks based on IP-Sec.

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DSL services

Cost effective solution enabling aggregation of multiple customer locations on a single E-NNI.In addition providing Internet access functionality with static IP.

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CPE rental

Delivery, installation and rental of CPE devices (routers), used for termination
of data transmission lines.

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Mobile data

Provision of wireless access to customer remote location via LTE using no.1 mobile network in Poland.

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Remote access to all major IX peering platforms via OPL high-quality backbone network.

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Leased Lines

Lease of international telecommunication lines with dedicated capacity (64 kb/s
to 100 Gb/s) provided between the locations ordered by the customer.

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Platform based on Ethernet switches and the associated technical infrastructure, enabling exchange of traffic among connected carriers, Content Service Providers and ISPs.

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Provision of telco space in OPL data centers, which allows to install telecommunication and IT equipment
and create connections between the carriers present in such space.

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IP Transit

Provision of international Internet access supplied by Tier – 1 Global Internet Players, through OPL network.

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Orange Coverage Maps:

OPL & Orange group network coverage

OPL & Carrier Ethernet backbone network


Poland POPs
  • LIM
    Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, Warsaw
  • Netia Telehouse
    Piekna 11, Warsaw
  • ATM Thinx
    Konstruktorska 5, Warsaw
  • ATM
    Grochowska 21A, Warsaw
  • Pern
    Chalubinskiego 8, Warsaw
  • Exatel
    Perkuna 47, Warsaw
  • T-Mobile Diamond Business Park
    Jana Pawla II 66, Piaseczno
  • Gebo
    Jutrzenki 177, Warsaw
  • Onet
    Bobrzynskiego 12E, Krakow
  • S-NET Biprostal
    Data Centre
    Krolewska 57, Krakow
  • 4 Data Center
    Adamskiego 7, Katowice
  • Beyond
    Polwiejskia 42, Poznan
Germany POPs
  • NewTelco
    Frankfurt am Main
  • Equinix
    Frankfurt am Main
Netherlands POPs
    Science Park, Amsterdam
United Kingdom POPs
  • Telehouse East & North

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