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Orange Polska CEE’s Top Telecommunications Provider


Data transmission services
using Ethernet technology

a strong and secured voice
across the globe

mobile services to increase
business performance
Orange Polska is one of the largest telecommunication carriers in Poland and CEE region.
In 2000, the company became a member of international Orange Group which allows
to operate according to Orange standards, participate in international projects and
cooperate with the top carriers in the world.
Orange Polska CEE’s Top Telecommunications Provider

Orange Polska operates the largest, countrywide network providing comprehensive portfolio of voice, roaming and data services not only in Poland but worldwide.
Company’s mission is to follow customers’ needs, provide customized services and remain the leader in the national telecommunication market.

OPL manages highly reliable (Service Level Agreement guarantee) and scalable network with countywide coverage.

OPL strength is its location - central position in Europe and many cross-border systems with neighbouring countries.

In case of any requirements to Poland or CEE region OPL can provide such services via
its own systems with:
 Czech Republic

OPL POPs are located in:
 Equinix/Ancotel, Frankfurt, Germany
Telehouse East & North, London, UK

OPL is also able to deliver services to any major POP in Europe & Russia (customer end to POP) or including a local tails in requested countries (customer end to customer end) OPL has cross border systems with all neighbouring countries provided at least via two diverse routes using 10/40/100G xWDM technology.